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The Logos of Soul: A Novel on the Light and Sound

 by Kathryn Gabriel Loving

The Logos of Soul, A Novel on the Light and Sound, is a provocative view of the secret teachings Jesus reserved for a select circle of his initiates, of the master-student relationship with the formidable Mary Magdalene, and of the men, Peter and Paul, who altered the teachings for all time. The author weaves a compelling story that reveals the common thread running through the mystic paths of the early Christians, Gnostics, Jews, and Hellenistic Greeks, and their relevance for today's spiritual seekers.


Finalist, 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Religious Fiction

En arche en Logos – In the Beginning is the Word


Denver, CO, 2003 – Alyson Sego has lost everything, her husband, her daughter, and her career, when she receives a two thousand year-old earthenware jar discovered in a Turkish bazaar. The jar contains Mary Magdalene’s personal journal, dubbed the Logos Notebook. Despite the warning from her aunt to “beware of answers, for they may be a form of death,” Alyson trusts the translated papyrus codex will bring her the peace she craves.


Ephesus, Turkey, 54 C.E. – Some twenty years after the crucifixion of her beloved Rav Yeshua (Jesus), Miryam the Magadan (Mary Magdalene) lives with her sister in exile on a mountaintop near Ephesus in ancient Turkey. A fertile crossroad of the Roman Empire, it is here where Miryam discovers the works of Greek philosophers on the Logos, which closely parallel Rav Yeshua’s secret teachings. Paulos of Tarsus (Saint Paul), a self-proclaimed apostle, attempts to create a foothold in Ephesus for his own mission. Desperate to keep the Inner Way hidden, Miryam struggles over Paulos’ radical and boisterous departure from the teachings.


Today – Logos, or Word, is called the Shabda Dhun, the Light and Sound, an audible river of divine love that constantly flows through the consciousness of every being and eventually returns the soul to its origin. For Miryam, the inner Logos guides her through her studies and conflict toward new heights in soul. For Alyson Sego, the Logos Notebook is a message in a jar to seek out the Light and Sound in a modern world.


Kathryn Gabriel Loving is the author of several archaeo-historical books and a long-time student of a Light and Sound Path. This is her first novel.

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