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A Day in Eternity

Newly published!

A story that spans three continents and 40 years—in one day.

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The main character in A Day in Eternity, Anson Vincent Roe (Avroe), is the type of individual who would capture a rattlesnake with his bare hands just because he is curious. A horrific airplane crash threatens to take his life, or at the very least to alter it irrevocably. But what if he can choose the outcome? John Gillespie Magee, Jr., the WWII Spitfire pilot poet and author of "High Flight," takes him in hand. The novel offers a different take on the classic near-death experience, proposing that people challenged by adversity may have pre-selected their lot for the purposes of learning and evolving in soul.

The Logos of Soul

A Novel on the Light and Sound

This story spans two continents and two millennia.

The Logos of Soul, A Novel on the Light and Sound, is a provocative view of the secret teachings Jesus reserved for a select circle of his initiates, of the master-student relationship with the formidable Mary Magdalene, and of the men, Peter and Paul, who altered the teachings for all time. The author weaves a compelling story that reveals the common thread running through the mystic paths of the early Christians, Gnostics, Jews, and Hellenistic Greeks, and their relevance for today's spiritual seekers.


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My life in ruins: a bio

For as long as I can remember, I’ve held a fascination for the origin of the human spirit. Perhaps it all started with my father, an accountant whose clients included governors and reservations. Traveling required for the job, he documented the landscape along the isolated highways in Ektachrome slideshows. Summers and weekends he’d load up our family in the station wagon or van to visit Puebloan and Spanish mission ruins.


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Ruins at Chaco Canyon, NM, photographed in 1990 by my father, Robert Gabriel, for my book, Roads to Center Place. ~KGL

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